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Harbor Kids

Habor Kids Ministries exists to encourage each child to: Have a heart that chooses to proclaim Jesus. Observe God's word daily and hide it in their hearts; work for others through service and acts of kindness; be equipped to teach others the Gospel of Jesus so others can share His Good News; & Have a  relationship with the family of God that fosters love and Security.

We plan several events throughout the year. Annual events include:  Oregon Kids Convention, Redwood Trip, Summer Kids Camp and Christmas Play in December. Always check your weekly bulletin for the most current information and date changes.

The Harbor Youth

We are a community of young people dedicated to supporting one another as we seek to find purpose, and meaning in this crazy wonderful place we call home. We are athletes, students, band members, singers, musicians, sci-fi junkies, readers, movie watchers, comic book nerds, hunters, surfers, misfits, dancers, and artists. But deeper than what we do we have value and worth to God and to the people around us.

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The Harbor Women's Ministry

Amazing! Confidant! Unique!

That’s who we are. We are women who fill various roles; we are stay-at-home and working mothers, wives, college students, and career women.

God is so good and our Women's Ministry believes God is asking us to Go and bear much fruit, Go and be a light, stay close to Jesus and you can do anything!

We have G2, our Gal Get Togethers, Women’s Conferences and Retreats. Giving us opportunities for spiritual and relational growth within the body of Christ and throughout the North Bend and Coos Bay area,


 Come Join Us!

The Harbor
Men's Ministry

The Original Disciples were Men building a relationship with Jesus. Jesus knew that the faith of a family starts with Godly men. Today’s men need more than ever to understand the importance of being Godly men. Here at The Harbor, we focus on building relationships, being accountable and loving God with our whole hearts. Its not about religion, it’s about a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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